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Electronic Plan Review/ProjectDox

We accept all plan review submittals through Electronic Plan Review/ProjectDox. This includes structural, grading, fire alarm, fire sprinkler, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, equipment and deferred submittals.

Submissions are limited to 10 permits per week

 Upload plans and pay Plan Review fees within 30 days of submission.

Note: All submittals coming from a designer, architect, engineer or contractor must be submitted via Electronic Plan Review/ProjectDox.

Electronic Plan Review/ProjectDox steps:

Electronic Plan Review Icon
  1. Select the correct application, based on the permit needed.
  2. Email the completed application to [email protected]
    1. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on payments and how to upload plans.
    2. Log into Electronic Plan Review/ProjectDox and upload documents per instructions. NOTE: Only applicants (one person only) will have access.

Plan uploading requirements:

NOTE: New structures, additions or remodels built outside of an existing structure require a letter from Clean Water Services (for properties on sewer) or approval from Health and Human Services (for properties on septic).

Applications and Forms

  1. The referenced media source is missing and needs to be re-embedded.
  2. Homeowner Form (PDF 73.96 KB)
  3. Index Sheet (PDF 34.43 KB)

Plan Review Instructions:

  1. Paying Fees in ACA (PDF 210.21 KB)


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