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Commercial Buildings

Find commercial permit applications, forms, design criteria and checklists below.

How to submit applications:

  1. Select the correct application, based on the permit needed and download the form.
  2. Once downloaded, complete, digitally sign and submit:
  3. Recommended: Check with staff to determine if a grading permit is needed.
  4. Staff will set up your permit.
  5. When complete, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on payments and how to upload plans.
  6. Upload plans to Electronic Plan Review/ProjectDox, an online electronic plan review system.

Applications must be physically or digitally signed.

Design Criteria

Permit Applications and Forms

Revision Submittal Form (PDF 67.34 KB)

For all other types of permits, use Building Permit Application

Deferred Submittal Form (PDF 104.65 KB)
Change of Applicant Form (PDF 423.09 KB)

Guidelines and Checklists

Grading Ordinance (PDF 2.43 MB)

Oregon Solar Installation Specialty Code Index

Paint Booth Checklist (PDF 72.27 KB)


Permit Jurisdictions (PDF 11.73 KB)

State of Oregon Construction Contractor's Board

Online Inspection Guide (PDF 454.48 KB)