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Grading and Engineering

Grading permits are needed for any grading, filling, excavating, storage or disposal of soil or earth materials or any other excavation or land filling activity.

Permit Instructions

  1. Download the grading permit application
  2. Once downloaded, complete, digitally sign and submit by email: [email protected]
  3. Staff will set up your permit
  4. When complete, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on payments and how to upload plans.
  5. Upload plans to Electronic Plan Review/ProjectDox, an online electronic plan review system.

Applications must be physically or digitally signed.

Permit Applications

Grading and Site Work Plan Submittal Checklists

Miscellaneous Forms and Information

Grading Permit Process

1. Permit Initiation
2. Package Review
  • Initial Information Review for Package Completeness
    • Notice given to applicant for incomplete submittal, if needed.
3. Technical Review
  • First Building Engineers' Technical Completeness Review
    • Review letter itemizing additional information required and Conditions of Approval notice sent to permit applicant.
4. Plan Response Review
  • Second Building Engineers' Review of Applicant Responses to Plan Review Comments
    • Partial information or incomplete responses will place project on hold.
5. Permit Issuance
  • CES Permit or DEQ Permit
  • Current Planning Signoff
  • Facility Access Permit Signoff
    • LUT Engineering Signoff
  • Building Services Signoff
6. Site Meetings and Inspections
  • Pre-construction Meeting
  • Two Intermediate Inspections (minimum)
7. Project Completion and Permit Final
  • As-built Plans Submitted
  • Contractors' Completion Form Submitted
  • Civil Engineers' Completion Form Submitted
  • Geotech Engineers' Completion Form and Final Summary Report Submitted
  • Engineering Geologist Form Submitted (when applicable)
  • Final Inspection
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