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Policy Advisory Board

CDBBG & HOME Policy Advisory Board page

The Washington County Office of Community Development is overseen by a Policy Advisory Board (PAB).  The purpose of the PAB is to provide the cities of Washington County, as well as the County, the opportunity to actively participate in an advisory role to the Washington County Board of Commissioners in the planning, implementation, evaluation and policy formulation of the Community Development Block Grant, HOME Investment Partnerships, and Emergency Solutions Grant Programs of Washington County, Oregon.

The members and their alternates shall be appointed by the governing bodies of the jurisdictions which they represent and shall serve at the pleasure of said governing body. 

PAB Members

BanksStephanie Jones, Mayor (Chair)Marsha Kirk, City Councilor
BeavertonNadia Hasan, City CouncilorJavier Mena, Staff
CorneliusEden Lopez, City CouncilorBrad Coffey, Public Official
Forest GroveMariana Valenzuela, City CouncilorElena Uhing, City Councilor
HillsboroGina Roletto, City CouncilorChris Hartye, Staff
King CityTBDKate Mohr, City Councilor
North PlainsTrista Papen, City CouncilorRobert Kindel Jr., City Councilor
SherwoodKim Young, City Councilor (Vice Chair)Daniel Standke, City Councilor
TigardMaureen Wolf, City CouncilorJai Raj Singh, City Councilor
TualatinBridget Brooks, City CouncilorValerie Pratt, City Councilor
Washington CountyPam Treece, CommissionerKathryn Harrington, Chair for Board of County Commissioners


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