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Frequently Discussed Project Applications

We sometimes hear from many in our Washington County community about certain proposed projects, asking for updates and documents. These proposed projects have generated a lot of questions and comments.

The proposed irrigation pond dredging Portland Golf Club and the proposed In-N-Out Burger are examples of development applications that have generated a lot of interest. Documents related to these projects are available below.

Proposed In-N-Out Burger: Casefile L2200066

Proposed irrigation pond dredging Portland Golf Club: Casefile L2300011-FP

Please note: Some documents may not be available electronically. To review documents available in hard copy, visit:

Land Use & Transportation
Public Services Building - Third floor
155 N First Ave., Suite 350
Hillsboro, OR

Hours are 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Thursday. We are closed for in-person services on Fridays.

To submit comments on a project:

Projects with upcoming public hearings: Comment Here
For all other applications/case files:

Email comments to [email protected], including your full name and mailing address, to the planning staff person associated with the project.
 [email protected]
Mail comments, your full name and mailing address, to Washington County Land Use & Transportation, 155 N First Ave., Suite 350-13, Hillsboro, OR 97124.

Casefile L2200066

Update 05/12/2023:  The applicant has filed a Motion to Resume Appeal with the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals.

Previously submitted materials 

Order to Re-Open 8/29/2022

Casefile L2300011-FP

Update 07/19/2023:  Washington County Development Review/Current Planning issued a conditional land use decision approving this application on May 26 – after the May 23 statutory 120-day deadline. Community Participation Organization (CPO) 3 filed an appeal on June 15. 

The Portland Golf Club filed a mandamus action in Washington County Circuit Court on July 18. This action seeks to terminate the appeal on the basis of Washington County Development Review/Current Planning’s failure to take final action on the application, including resolution of any local appeals, before the May 23 statutory 120-day deadline. 

The applicant must meet Conditions of Approval (see Notice of Decision and Staff Report, Appendix B) which include required regulatory environmental permits before work can begin.  Learn more

Update 06/07/2023:  An appeal has been filed by Community Participation Organization (CPO) 3.

Submitted materials


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