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Gravel Road Surface Treatments

Learn about how we maintain gravel roads.

We manage about 217 miles of gravel roads. They connect area agriculture, natural resources like timber and rock quarries, tourism, recreation and homes. We use different surface treatments to keep these roads in good condition.

For gravel road maintenance call 503-846-7623(ROAD) or submit a service request.


We repair gravel roads that have potholes, ruts, washboards and more using a grader. We restore the shape, surface and drainage on gravel roads by adding rock where needed.

We usually grade between October and May when there is enough moisture in the road base. Vehicle speeds, types of vehicles using the road and weather can change the effectiveness of the process.

Surface Stabilization

Gravel roads are prone to rutting, washboarding and potholes especially on hills and corners. These areas may need surface stabilization to help keep the road in good condition. We treat specific areas with a product which absorbs moisture from the air and binds gravel particles. 

Dust Control

Dust control treatments can reduce airborne dust from traffic on rural gravel roads.

You can apply for a dust control permit if you are experiencing issues with dust. The permit allows you to hire a private contractor to treat gravel roads with dust control material. As part of our permit requirements, we only allow products that are safe for the environment. The permit also allows us to schedule grading before private dust control application.

Driving slower can also reduce dust and improve road conditions.

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