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Road Maintenance

We keep Washington County’s transportation system functioning by maintaining about 1,300 miles of roadway. We do this through road and bridge maintenance, severe weather emergency response, managing use of the public right-of-way and environmental stewardship.

Most of our services are available remotely - online, by phone or via U.S. Mail - 24 hours/day, seven days a week. 

In-person Services:  Appointments required at the Walnut Street Center. See Office Locations and Business Hours.

January 2024 Storm Recovery


Our inspection teams have been assessing known sites with fallen tress to direct road crews to the highest-priority areas. We are working with contractors to clear complex sites with large amounts of debris. We have completed work on dozens of streets that were blocked by lighter debris. We expect it may take weeks and several visits to complete work.

Our priority continues to be clearing roads of debris and opening lanes of travel. We have made significant progress toward opening at least one lane of travel in nearly all locations. As we move closer to that goal, we will shift our focus to making return visits to clear all lanes.

Here’s what you can expect we will do, and what you can be doing:

In the roadway

Our focus is clearing all lanes of travel at fallen tree sites. We will clear any debris that is blocking signage, sight-distance or access. 

Every downed tree site has unique debris removal needs. We are clearing as much debris as is needed to restore all lanes of travel. We may leave more debris behind in some locations than others based on the specific context of the site.

Property owners should remove all other debris. If it is safe, please remove and dispose of leaves, pine needles, small branches and twigs that are on the roadway near your property.

Some fallen trees and roots may have damaged the pavement. We are assessing pavement damage as we clear debris and will return afterward to repair it. Report pavement damage online.

On sidewalks 

We will remove large obstructions from sidewalks. Property owners should move and dispose of smaller branches, brush and yard debris.

Property owners are responsible for repairing sidewalks that were damaged in the storm. Apply for a right-of-way sidewalk repair permit. If you live in the Urban Road Maintenance District, you may be eligible for financial assistance through the Sidewalk Repair Grant Program.

On the roadside

We will only work on roadside debris if it is impacting traffic. Property owners should remove all roadside debris that is adjacent to their properties.

On private property 

Owners are responsible for all debris removal from their property.

We cannot remove debris from private property. If a tree has fallen across the roadway and into your property, we will only clear it to the curb and/or sidewalk.

Debris disposal

We are disposing of obstructive debris from the roadway and sidewalk that can be chipped on-site. If the debris is too large to chip, we will cut it into rounds and leave it for property owners to use or dispose of.

There is no roadside disposal service for loose debris. If your debris does not fit into your yard waste bin, do not place it by the roadside.

See disposal options from our partners at Washington County Solid Waste and Recycling

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