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Sidewalk Repair Grant Program

The Sidewalk Repair Grant Program offers financial assistance for sidewalk repair and replacement.

Timely repair or replacement of damaged sidewalks keeps our streets accessible to all travelers. Well-maintained sidewalks are important to the health, safety and welfare of our community.

Sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of adjacent property owners. Property owners within the Urban Road Maintenance District (URMD) are eligible for the Sidewalk Repair Grant Program to help with the cost. 

We provide grants as reimbursement for County-approved work. You must pay for the sidewalk repair or replacement out-of-pocket before we can approve a grant. 

The work must be done by a licensed contractor. The grant applications must include:

  • Three bids from licensed contractors
  • Each contractor’s CCB license number
  • Only the sidewalk work you are requesting reimbursement for. No additional work can be included on the bids.

The maximum reimbursement amount is $2,000. Your reimbursement will be whichever of these options is lower:

  • 50% of the lowest bid, even if you use a more expensive contractor
  • 50% of the final invoiced amount

The URMD Sidewalk Repair Grant Program can award up to $100,000 per fiscal year. The URMD is a service district that supports road maintenance and biking and pedestrian projects. 


The property adjacent to the damaged sidewalk panels must be within the URMD. See if you live in the URMD

Not all repair or replacement work is reimbursable.

  • Replacement of displaced or damaged sidewalk panels
  • Repair of damaged sidewalk panels
  • Removal of street trees or roots causing sidewalk damage

  • Work performed without a sidewalk repair permit
  • Work that doesn’t meet our Road Design and Construction Standards
  • Work on undamaged sidewalk panels adjacent to damaged panels
  • Work on adjacent concrete repair beyond the original sidewalk width  
  • Root removal beyond the cause of sidewalk damage
  • Repair of damage that is only cosmetic
  • Landscaping repair, restoration or beautification
  • Work on sprinkler or irrigation systems
  • Other property improvements or repairs

Only the property owner is allowed to apply. We need to receive and approve the application before work begins. Applications must include all required documents. An eligible property can receive the grant only once every 10 years. 

How to apply

1. Contractor bids

Get three or more competitive bids from licensed contractors for the sidewalk work. Keep these bids. They will be required when you apply for the grant.

2. Right-of-way permit application

Apply for a right-of-way sidewalk repair permit on the Public Permitting and Services Portal. If this is your first time using the portal, watch the How-to Register video. 

Check the box indicating that you would like to apply for the grant in the permit application. Complete all the required forms including: 

  • Bid information and signed certification
  • Site Plan
  • Conditions of Agreement
  • A Traffic Control Plan detailing how you will accommodate pedestrians during construction
Infographic displaying application process for program.

3. Application and permit approval

We will approve your grant if we determine you are eligible and there is funding available. We will notify you if the grant application is approved and if your sidewalk repair permit is approved. Grant application approval does not guarantee permit approval.

4. Work begins

Begin sidewalk work. Right of way permits are valid one year from date of issuance and all work must be completed within that time period.  You can request one 90-day extension. We will not reimburse expired applications.

Follow all conditions of your permit, including calling for inspections.

5. Reimbursement request

Pay your contractor out-of-pocket in full. Submit a final itemized receipt for reimbursement once the work and inspections are complete as described in your permit. Submit the receipt by uploading it on the Public Permitting and Services Portal. 

6. Reimbursement approval

We will send a check to you within 30 days of receiving the reimbursement request if you meet all Conditions of Agreement.